Our Pots:
Most of our pottery is Stoneware which lends itself well to years of repeat use whether that be in the oven, dishwasher, or even the microwave. Earthenware is reserved for our flower pots and garlic keepers due to its porosity.

The glazes used on our pottery are custom made in house from personal recipes that have been perfected over time. All of our glazes are food safe. We do not use any lead in our glazes.

Feel free to email us with any questions or comments.

About the Potter:
Nick Prouse is a potter who grew up in rural Flamborough but now resides in Hamilton, Ontario. He is a self taught Potter.  His work is primarily wheel thrown stoneware but also works with earthenware and porcelain on occasion. The majority of his ware is functional and utilitarian in nature.

Nick takes inspiration for his work from Japanese culture and English potters of the past as well as present. Namely Simon Leach because of the humble approach to his work. Nick also draws from the everyday framework that surrounds him, whether that be the drone of a busy city street or the beauty of a clear starlit night in the country.

He is of the belief that artistic notes can be found in the things we use everyday. Be it mugs, cups, bowls, or even the occasional tea pot. But a potter must be a Craftsman first.